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What is Fathering Strong?

Fathering Strong is our community where we can share our stories, learn from others, and become stronger fathers by building a stronger relationships with others and with Jesus Christ by applying biblical principles. 

The need for good fathers is greater today than ever before. We live in a world that is dominated by individualist thinking. Individualism emphasizes self-sufficiency, independence, and isolation. Social cohesion has been breaking down in our nation, with the result that social bonds have weakened and people have become more dependent on government support. 

Many people have abandoned the idea of being responsible for raising their own children, so they have turned to the state to raise their children. As a result our cities are filling up with fatherless children living with single mothers who need welfare assistance to survive. Furthermore, churches have also reduced their emphasis on manhood development programs as a result of seeing men as the problem in society rather than men as society's hope.

And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers... - Malachi 4:6

Why is this so important?


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What is a Mentor?

A Father assigned to a Member that is seeking advice and guidance as they walk through fatherhood. The Mentor would be responsible to talk with this father, see what his needs/worries are and draw him to Christ. The extent of this job is dependent upon the Mentor. You can form a bible study, pray together, and talk about life.

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What is a Mentee?

A Father seeking advice and looking for someone who has gone through a similar struggle or season of life as they have. Each Mentee is paired with a Mentor who will listen and share advice as a fellow father and brother in Christ.

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